Need to Choose or Change Your Wholesale Food Distributors?

Many businesses in the food service industry have difficulty finding great wholesale food distributors for high quality food ingredients. This is a very important decision to make because the quality of your final product is as stake. Originally, you may have just chosen the closest supplier or the one which was the least expensive, but you may come to realize that it’s more about quality and than any other considerations.

That’s when you need to do a little research on bakery distributors and ingredient suppliers, to make sure you’re offering the best possible products to your customers. For a deeper delve into this topic, you can read a terrific article which appeared in Food Safety Magazine a few years ago. It is primarily focused on larger companies, but the information it contains is still highly relevant. Some of the great tips they include are summarized below.

Do proper research

Many suppliers ARE trustworthy, but having trust in them is no reason to forego doing adequate research. It’s best if you have a thorough understanding of any supplier’s processes, and you should also know if they have suppliers and who they are. To be fair, you should provide the same kind of information to your supplier, so that you can establish a mutual respect and trust.

Obtain references

Part of your research should be to obtain references on potential suppliers, and each of your suppliers should be willing to supply those references. You need to be sure that your own quality standards will be met, and contacting your supplier’s references will help you to do that.

Don’t overlook paperwork

It’s a good idea to make sure that any supplier you do business with has the appropriate level of insurance, and request that it names your company as covered under their insurance policy. You should know any of your supplier’s production licenses, at the local, state, and federal levels, as appropriate. If your vendors have any third-party certification records, you should obtain these as well. This may all sound a bit like overkill, but you simply can’t afford to put your brand at risk.

The buck stops here

You are your company’s own Quality Assurance team, and if something is not right with your suppliers or any of their processes, you have the right and duty to bring it to their attention. Be sure the “buck stops here” and know you have the right to say no to that which does not align with your business’s mission and values.

Are You Looking to Change Your Wholesale Food Distributors?

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