We would like to say we feed the world, but for now, we just take care of our little corner.  From as far North as Santa Rosa, California, through the Central Valley, to Salinas in the South and including the entire Bay Area and Greater Sacramento, you’ll see our trucks delivering high-quality food products to our customers.

Our customers include food processors, industrial bakeries and artisan bakers, all who consider us their go to vendor for the fine ingredients that go into their delectable creations.  While they all regularly rely on us for conventional ingredients, we are really well-known for locating that hard to find specialty item or hidden gem.

We’ve also become the favorite vendor for producers looking to convert to organic products.  Our reputation is well established for finding the best organic ingredients from around the globe and helping food producers keep up with consumers’ changing demands.

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“I saw consumers demanding healthier options and decided to convert some of our business from conventional to organic.  Moving on this opportunity took a lot of work, but we were able to make transition with BayCo’s help with sourcing organic ingredients.  I appreciate how BayCo makes my projects a priority.”

Jesus Mendoza
Best Express Foods

“We needed to find a ginger puree.  We tried multiple places and no one could locate it.  We started to think it didn’t exist.  Then we found Bayco.  And they found ginger puree in less than half a day.  Now Bayco is the first place we go.“

Lupe Urena
Purchasing Manager
Too Good Gourmet

“Although we could say a lot of great things about Bayco, we would like to compliment the drivers.  They may be the most friendly drivers we’ve ever seen pull up to our docks. But beside bringing a smile, they also bring great service.  I can’t tell you how many times a driver has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that we got what we needed in a timely manner.  Thanks drivers!”

 Paul Garcia
Production Manager
California Smart Foods

“Sometimes finding a rare item for a customer may not be profitable for us.  Doesn’t matter – If we find it, we have a customer for life.”

George Zuriakat

CEO, Bayco


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Phone: (510) 489-1882

Toll Free: (800) 732-6698

Fax: (510) 489-8003


30900 Huntwood Ave.

Hayward, CA 94544

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