Here Are a Couple of Fun Recipes to Try

Easter is a wonderful time of year when family members of all ages can gather to enjoy activities, each other’s company, and food. In fact, the right baked goods can make any Easter even more memorable. Keep reading to find out about two excellent Easter recipes—both of which create crowd-pleasing cookies—and how you can find a bakery ingredient supplier to help bring them to life. These recipes work whether you’re a professional looking to give your customers an Easter option or just want to bring something fun and tasty to your next family gathering.

Italian Easter Cookies

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When people think of Italian cuisine, they often think of go-to staples like wine and pasta. However, as this recipe for Italian Easter cookies from AllRecipes shows, Italian cuisine can also be synonymous with desserts and snacks. The bright colors and sweet flavors make these cookies fit right in at Easter gatherings. Additionally, health-conscious people can rest easy knowing these cookies clock in at only 138 calories per serving.

The ingredients are baking powder, eggs, white and confectioners’ sugar, almond and vanilla extract, milk, butter, and flour, with red food coloring adding an optional dash of flair. They take just over an hour to make. For a full breakdown of the ingredient amounts and the preparation and baking steps, be sure to check out AllRecipes, which also features a handy calculator that lets you adjust the ingredients according to your desired yield.

Carrot Cake Cookies

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Over at Delish, Joanna Saltz has provided another great Easter baking idea: carrot cake cookies. Carrot cake recently appeared on HowStuffWorks’ list of America’s top 10 desserts, so why not make a fun, portable version for Easter? To do so, you’ll need oats, raisins, unsweetened shredded coconut, shredded carrots, kosher salt, ground nutmeg, and cinnamon, so keep those in mind the next time you’re ordering commercial bakery supplies. You’ll also need a few staples on hand like butter, baking soda, brown and granulated sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and vanilla extract. Saltz’s recipe takes only a hair over an hour, clocking in at 70 minutes from start to finish. Given the Easter joy the carrot cake cookies are sure to bring, those will be 70 minutes well spent!

Contact Your Baking Supply Company

Whether you’re gearing up for Easter or another baking project, it helps to have the right baking supply company on your side. If you’re in the Bay Area or the surrounding region, consider making Organics That Deliver your go-to supplier. We concentrate on providing high-quality baking ingredients to professionals throughout our service area.

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