Wondering if You Should Switch to Organic Bread?

In recent years, there has been a significant push for organic bread in grocery stores and restaurants. Those who try to eat healthy say that organic food is better for your health and environment, but unless you know the benefits yourself, it can be hard to decide whether looking for organic bread is worth it or if bread is just bread. Here are some of the benefits of switching to organic bread in your diet.

Organic bread is clean

In order to be considered organic, the grains used to make organic bread flour must be free of pesticides and other chemicals. That means the bread that goes into your body is cleaner than breads not certified as organic. Whether you’re sensitive to chemicals and processing or not, organic bread will be gentler on your system and better for your body.

Organic bread is higher quality grain

Along with rules about pesticides, there are rules about husks and other parts that have to be removed before the grain is milled. That means the flour that comes from organic grain is higher quality. This results in better whole grain bread that tastes better and is healthier for your body. When a baker chooses organic baking supplies, it can even benefit you with improved digestion.

Organic bread is more filling

When your bread is higher-quality, that means it’s more satisfying when you eat it. You’ll feel fuller with a smaller amount of organic bread, so if you’re trying to manage your weight, you can reduce your portions of bread and still feel full and satisfied. This can be an easy change to make when you’re trying to lose weight without feeling like you’re depriving yourself of the foods you love.

Organic bread is better for the environment

Because organic bread doesn’t use pesticides and has clear rules about how the crops are grown and harvested, organic bread has a lower carbon footprint. There’s less processing involved, which means that getting the grain from the field to your table is shorter, which reduces the energy used to make your bread. And because pesticides aren’t used, the soil isn’t depleted as quickly, meaning the land is useful to farmers for longer than it would be otherwise.

Whether you’re switching to organic bread to make one small change or it’s part of a bigger dietary change, there are many benefits to eating organic bread instead of regular, processed bread. From a cleaner body to a cleaner environment, organic bread is a great choice for your health and one step you can take to a better, healthier life.


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