Benefits of Switching to Organic Cooking and Baking

With more options of organic ingredient suppliers, organic ingredients have never been easier to obtain, which means now is a great time to consider giving organic cooking and baking a shot. This post goes over the benefits of going organic.

Benefit 1: Increased Nutrients

Organic baking supplies have the benefit of containing an increased number of nutrients compared to conventionally produced supplies. For instance, as covered on, one study found that organically grown crops contained significantly higher levels of certain nutrients. That applied to fruits, vegetables, and grains alike. The difference was quite noticeable; for instance, organic food contained 27 percent more vitamin C and 29.3 percent more magnesium.

Benefit 2: Fewer Chemicals

Having more nutrients is a good thing, and so is having fewer chemicals. That’s another advantage of using ingredients like organic bread flour. As covered on the nutrition blog Natural Health Cape, conventional foods are often produced with various combinations of pesticides, preservatives, and other undesirable substances in the mix. People who create organic ingredients, on the other hand, use different production techniques that rely much less heavily on harsh chemicals. 

Benefit 3: No Genetic Modification

Genetically modified foods are common, but they are not without potential danger, according to the Non-GMO Report. Genetically modified foods are created in labs, which can lead to unforeseen complications. By definition, organic foods are non-GMO (meaning they make use of non-genetically modified organisms). This means organic offerings are attractive to consumers looking for non-GMO options.

Benefit 4: Environmental Friendliness

Finally, organic ingredient suppliers cater to culinary professionals and hobbyists who care about the environment. The reason is that organic farmers use techniques that keep air, soil, and water pollution to a minimum. (An example of such a technique is keeping chemical usage deliberately minimal.) Additionally, many organic foods are locally grown and distributed, which cuts down on emissions created when transporting them from the farm to their point of sale. In other words, organic foods require the use of fewer harmful chemicals in the first place, and they generally have a lower carbon footprint overall.

Obtaining Organic Baking Supplies

If this post has you ready to take the dive into organic cooking and baking, consider ordering your organic baking supplies from Organics That Deliver. We specialize in providing top-level supplies to culinary professionals in and around the Bay Area. You can check out what we have to offer on our products page. If you’d like to inquire about a certain ingredient, special order, or another topic, it’s easy to get in touch: Just call 510-489-1882 or visit our contact page.


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