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If you own a bakery, it pays to go green: Making your bakery more sustainable both helps the planet and attracts customers, who are becoming more environmentally conscious all the time, according to Fortune. To take advantage of the benefits of going green, try the following strategies.

Reduce Packaging Waste

As pointed out by Ordermentum, a company that works with food suppliers, one of the best ways to make your bakery more sustainable is to reduce waste from packaging. Switching to environmentally friendly disposables can help here; for instance, if your bakery serves drinks, it might begin offering metal or paper straws instead of plastic ones. Another method is to encourage patrons to bring reusable cups. Additionally, you can strive to work with packaging suppliers who offer non-single-use options. Because vendors of commercial bakery supplies wholesale are often environmentally minded, you should be able to find a suitable one in your area without too much effort.

Cut Down on Water Usage

Ordermentum also recommends cutting down on water usage. Bakeries can do so by installing water-saving toilets and sinks in restrooms, encouraging staff to be mindful of water usage, and making use of low-flow valves. 

Cut Down on Food Waste

Food waste is another issue that can ding a bakery’s sustainability, according to Blue and Green Tomorrow’s Larry Alton. To counteract food waste, Alton recommends that bakery professionals pay special attention to identify their largest causes of food waste. Different bakeries may require different solutions, including making larger or smaller batches, implementing a donation system, or starting a food-composting program. Keep in mind that if your business identifies larger batches as a solution, supplies like organic bulk flour may be of assistance.

Install Efficient Appliances

Alton also points out that switching to more energy-efficient appliances can “make a big difference” in how much energy your bakery consumes. While this may take a somewhat large investment, modern, energy-saving appliances can deliver savings over the long term by reducing utility bills.

Looking for Commercial Bakery Supplies Wholesale?

It’s easier to make your business sustainable with the right supplies. If you’re in the Bay Area or the surrounding region, you can obtain the wholesale organic bakery supplies you need from Organics That Deliver. To see what we have to offer, just click here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question, please get in touch by using our contact form or by calling 510-489-1882 or 800-732-6698 (toll-free) We can’t wait to help your bakery go green!

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