These Tips Will Help Increase Your Business

Like any type of business, bakeries can benefit greatly from increased revenue. Following the four strategies in this article can lead to a boost in your bakery’s bottom line. Those strategies involve avoiding allergens, seeking out local ingredients, making decadent desserts, and taking care with your products’ packaging.

Keep Allergens in Mind

According to writer Briana Morgaine, offering allergen-free products is an excellent way to set your bakery apart from its competitors. She points to the rise in popularity of allergen-free foods as well as an increase in food allergies, both of which mean allergen-free products are a valuable source of revenue. This is especially true for bakeries in areas that currently do not have many allergen-free dining options. For instance, if your community is missing options for people who are allergic to dairy, that may represent a golden opportunity. The right bakery distributor will be able to hook you up with the ingredients you need to make products without allergens.

Go Local

Locally sourced ingredients are gaining popularity, according to research from the data firm Nielsen. This means that bakeries that sport local offerings have an automatic leg up over those that do not. If possible, go local when you buy supplies to take advantage of this customer preference.

Make Your Desserts Decadent

Though many consumers have health in mind when they make dining choices, that is often not the case when it comes to desserts. As covered in a presentation from the American Bakers Association, when choosing desserts, nearly two-thirds of consumers prioritize taste over nutritional considerations. The next time you order commercial bakery supplies, it might behoove you to stock up on ingredients that let customers indulge.

Don’t Skimp on the Packaging

The food itself is important, but so is the presentation. Make sure your baked goods are packaged in convenient, sturdy containers so that customers aren’t frustrated by spills and breakages: Someone who ends up with their purchase on the ground because of bad packaging may not be back. Additionally, adding personalized touches to packaging is a great way to make your business seem more authentic. Another aspect to consider is sustainability: According to the consulting company Smithers, sustainability is a primary motivator for many consumers, meaning they will prefer sustainable packaging.

Finding the Right Baking Supply Company

If you’re looking for a Bay Area baking supply company to help make the ideas in this article a reality, consider Organics That Deliver. We offer a full line of high-quality ingredients to satisfy the needs of baking professionals. Check out our product page to see what we have in stock.

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