At Bayco, we offer nearly 300 different high quality food and ingredients from around the globe. Whether you’re looking for organics or non-organics, you’ll find the products that suit your needs.  Plus, our relationships, high volume handling, and direct importing result in more competitive prices which we share with our customers. Click any letter below or the category button to view those products.


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Product(s) Item #
50/50 Jewish Rye Mix 2025
9 Grain Rye Cereal Mix 8829
All Trumps, Enriched High Gluten, Unbleached Flour 1460
Almond Emulsion 2195
Almond Extract 2198
Almond, Blanched Meal 5102
Almond, Natural Meal 5110
Almonds, Sliced Natural 5099
Apple, Diced Filling 0145
Apple, Frozen, Diced, IQF 4880
Apple, Frozen, Sliced 4885
Applesauce Unsweetened 0101
Apricot Glaze 0236
Apricot Spread 0205
Artificial Vanilla 1207
Baby Oat Flakes 9345
Bakers Bran Wheat Flour 1090
Bakers Cream 2425
Bakers Margarine 587 0233
Bakers Margarine NH 500 0695
Bakers Margarine NH 528 0690
Baking Powder, Double Acting 10# 2419
Baking Powder, Double Acting 50# 9303
Baking Soda 9317
Banana Puree 6971
Big Loaf, Bleached, Enriched Flour 1405
Black Strap Molasses, Organic 9329
Blackberry, Frozen, IQF 9845
Blockbuster High Gluten Flour 1075
Blueberry Filling, Organic 0965
Blueberry, All Purpose Filling 0410
Blueberry, Frozen, Small, IQF 0420
Blueberry, Frozen, Small, IQF 0422
Blueberry, Frozen, Wild, IQF 0425
Blueberry, Icing Fruit 1001-0
Butter Emulsion 1212
Butter Unsalted, Bulk 0970
Buttermilk Powder 6028
Buttermilk Powder 6023
Cage Free Egg Whites, No TC 0943
Cage Free Egg Yolks 0944
Cage Free Frozen Egg Whites, High Whip 0947
Cage Free Liquid Whole Eggs 0951
Cage Free Whole Eggs 0942
Calcium Carbonate 9320
Calcium Propionate, Powder 9318
Cameo Pastry Flour, Enriched Unbleached 1079
Cane Sugar, Organic 5154
Caraway, Seeds 9145
Cherry Pie 0510
Cherry, All Purpose Filling 0515
Chia Seed, Organic 2880
Chocolate Batons, Semi-Sweet 4005
Chocolate Chips, 10000ct, w/Vanilla 1517
Chocolate Chips, 1000ct, Semi Sweet w/Vanilla 1520
Chocolate Chips, 4000ct, w/Vanilla 4000
Chocolate Chunks, Petite 1513
Chocolate Coins, Semi-Dark 4030
Chocolate Mini Chunks, w/Vanilla 3990
Chocolate Sticks, 8 cm Batons 3997
Chocolate, Moonlight Coating 1535
Chocolate, White Confection Drops 1525
Churro Mix 2086
Cinnamon Ground, Organic 9594
Cinnamon, Dragon 9593
Cocoa Powder 1507
Cocoa Powder with Alkali, Somerton 1590
Cocoa Powder, Bristol Red Med 1585
Cocoa Powder, Organic 1570
Coconut Emulsion 2101
Coconut Flour, Organic 6443
Coconut, Desiccated, Organic 6444
Coconut, Desiccated, Organic 6446
Coconut, Sweetened Flake 6450
Coconut, Unsweetened Medium 6441
Corn Meal, Medium Yellow 8605
Corn Syrup 42/43 0447
Corn, Malt Syrup 9351
Cranberries, Dried Blueberry Flavored 0200
Cranberries, Dried Strawberry Flavored 0201
Cranberries, Dried, Double Diced 0154
Cranberries, Dried, Sliced 0150
Cranberries, Frozen Sliced, IQF 0430
Cranberry, Frozen, Whole, IQF 0435
Cream Cake Mix 3408
Cream Cheese, Filling 0912
Dark Brown Sugar, Organic 5155
Diced Turkish Apricots, Organic 4090
Double Dutch Muffin Mix 3065
Dough Conditioner, Essential CL 1302, Clean Label 1302
Dough Conditioner, Golden 2210
Dough Conditioner, Organic 2215
Dough Conditioner, Red 2207
Dough Conditioner, Super Relax 1372
Dutch Diced Apple Filling 0120
Eg O Nomic, Powdered Egg Blend 7297
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic 9596
Fennel, Seeds 2854
Flax Brown Seeds, Organic 2871
Flax Brown, Seeds 2870




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