Here’s the Scoop on the Bakery Industry

This is the first of a three-part series of posts about the current state of the bakery industry. To kick things off, this post will cover health trends that are currently having an effect on the industry. In particular, the post looks at how bakeries are responding to ketogenic and paleo diets as well as higher consumer demand for protein-rich and clean-label foods. It is important to stay in tune with changes in the industry before commercial bakery supplies wholesale so you can provide customers with what they are looking for. 

Ketogenic and Paleo Diets

Ketogenic and paleo diets are two trends highlighted by Men’s Health writer Melissa Matthews. They are not extremely new, but they continue to influence the diets of many people. The ketogenic diet relies on people obtaining most of their calories from fats. Meanwhile, only a tiny portion comes from carbs, which removes many traditional bakery offerings from consideration. To cater to people pursuing a ketogenic diet, some bakeries are beginning to offer low-carb sweets, like this Philadelphia outfit.

Meanwhile, the paleo diet involves the elimination of ingredients like processed foods, sugar, grains, and more, according to As is the case with keto diets, bakeries that wish to cater to paleo dieters need to make specific ingredient choices. For example, when buying wholesale commercial bakery supplies with paleo customers in mind, one option would be purchasing almond flour or a different alternative alongside traditional wheat flour. 

High-Protein Foods

Another health trend, covered on, is a general interest in high-protein foods. This means that along with go-to orders like organic flour in bulk, some bakeries may begin to stock specialty items like whey protein concentrate and other protein-packed ingredients. The more bakeries are able to offer items like protein-rich cookies and crackers, the more they will be able to meet the needs of nutrition-minded fitness enthusiasts.

Clean Label Offerings

Clean labeling is a somewhat nebulous concept: As the Institute of Food Technologists’ Maria Velissariou points out, “Clean label is not a scientific term.” Nevertheless, it is an important trend to be aware of, as more and more chemical-wary consumers are looking for clean-label products. Essentially, bakeries that want to meet the clean label standard should try to make offerings that have simple ingredients lists.

In particular, bread is a bakery-relevant food product that has seen more and more clean label offerings lately. However, according to, clean-label treats are lagging behind. That is a void bakeries may seek to fill in the near future.

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