We’ve Gone Solar!

Modern businesses concern themselves with many elements that go beyond profits. Sustainability is one philosophy that drives many business owners. How can a business meet today’s needs without compromising future generations? We here at BayCo, Organics That Deliver considered this question before installing solar panels on the rooftop of our warehouse. Our products include wholesale baking supplies, but our mission is to serve the community with high quality ingredients and to do business in an eco-friendly way.

Top Benefits of Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels offered many benefits to our company. The best reason to install solar panels is to reduce your reliance on the electric utility company. EnergySage estimates that residential electricity prices have increased by about 15% over the past ten years. It’s unlikely that prices will drop. Solar panels will save you money on your electricity bills now and in the future. This was a big consideration in our decision to install solar panels.  

Solar panels protect our warehouse and baking supplies against power outages. When the grid goes down, we have stored electricity that will power our facility. There’s no concern that food will go bad if our neighbors don’t have power. Photovoltaic panels work in both direct and indirect sunlight and even if the sun is blocked by clouds. When it does rain, the water washes off dust and dirt.

Solar power does not create air pollution. We have reduced our carbon footprint by installing solar panels on our warehouse. Solar panels are quiet and reduce the need to burn fossil fuels, which decreases greenhouse gas emissions. Using the rooftop means that our solar array isn’t taking up land for plants and animals. The impact on the environment will last for generations.

Solar panels offer tax credits and incentives. DSIRE offers a list of state and municipality incentives. Some cities are offering rebates or loan programs for energy conservation and efficiency construction. The federal solar Investment Tax Credit is only available if your business has a tax liability, but it can reduce your liability by 30%.

baking supplies company environmental benefits

These are the environmental benefits our system is providing.

Are You Looking for an Environmentally Friendly Distributor of Baking Supplies?

If your business is concerned about the environment, support other businesses that are doing their part to be eco-friendly. Organics That Deliver cares about the ingredients that go into the food you’re producing. We also care about our impact in the community. If you’re looking for high quality professional bakery supplies, contact Organics That Deliver. We’re the go-to source for baking supplies that include conventional, organic, non-GMO and clean label ingredients.

baking supplies company goes solar             baking supplies company goes solar

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