What are Non GMO Products and Why Do They Matter?

GMOs get a lot of attention in the marketplace. Understanding the difference between GMOs, non-GMOs and organic ingredients can help you keep track of what consumers want. More people are demanding organic bread flour and other natural ingredients in the food they consume.

What Are GMO foods?

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. Essentially, scientists have taken an organism, a plant, and changed its genetic makeup in ways that do not occur in nature. Many GMO products have been altered to be herbicide-tolerant. Soybeans, corn and sugar beets are common plants that have been altered to withstand herbicides placed on the crops to kill weeds without killing the plant itself.

Why Non-GMO Products?

Non-GMO products are foods that occur naturally. No experimentation has been done on the crops. Plants that are non-GMO are grown from seeds that are not GMO. Meat, poultry, dairy and eggs that are labeled non-GMO, their diet must not consist of crops that are GMO.

Non-GMO crops are more sustainable than GMO crops, plus, there are significant environmental benefits. GMO crops are resistant to herbicides, which means that the crop has most likely been treated with those herbicides. The crop can be sprayed with an herbicide, which causes environmental pollution.

The FDA does not require testing of GMO crops before they are sold. Companies can provide safety information on their crops, but there is no third-party organization overseeing the product. Seed ownership is another problem with GMO crops. GMO seeds are considered intellectual property. Farmers cannot save seed from this year’s planting for next year’s crops.

Are Non-GMO Products Organic?

Wholesale food distributors understand that consumers want natural, non-GMO and organic ingredients. All organic products are non-GMO, but not all non-GMO products are organic. USDA standards prohibit GMO use in crops or feed. Non-GMO ingredients can be produced without being organic. If you’re moving toward more natural products in your bakery, non-GMO ingredients can be a great stepping stone while you’re sourcing organic ingredients.

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