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Many Americans rely on energy bars to fortify their diets and give them the fuel needed to pursue their passions. Because there are so many choices on the market, there are several trends and factors that energy bar brands need to respond to. This post goes over several of them, pulling information from Ideabar and Food Network contributor Dana Angelo White.

Consumers’ Lifestyles

Ideabar, which conducted a survey of more than 600 consumers, found certain trends in the consumers’ lifestyles. For example, consumers who favored natural bars tended to be quite active and have moderate incomes. Overall, they tended to be toward the younger end of the age spectrum. They were also health-conscious, favoring bars that were low in sugar and high in fiber. All-natural ingredients were a hit with consumers, which is something energy bar makers should keep in mind when they order wholesale baking supplies.

Protein and Taste Are Huge Factors

Protein is a building block for muscle, which is why athletes and other active individuals often seek out energy bars with a high amount of protein. After workouts, White recommends protein bars that supply 15 to 20 grams of protein. Additionally, protein needs vary from individual to individual, so energy bar brands should consider offering a variety of protein-packed options. For example, some people may be after 20 grams of protein for a post-workout boost, while others may be satisfied with 15 grams.

Not surprisingly, the taste of an energy bar is a huge factor as well. The holy grail may be a protein-packed energy bar that also features great flavor. Brands can also find an edge by using organic baking supplies to attract consumers who are after good-tasting organic offerings.

Certain Bars Lead the Way

Right now, a few brands stand above the rest in terms of success. Ideabar assesses Clif Bar, Nutigrain, and Nature Valley as the leaders in terms of attracting “consumers who purchase bars regularly.” Clif Bars are also highly popular among active consumers, as are the Luna and Larabar brands. These may be good companies for emerging brands to emulate.

Obtaining Wholesale Baking Supplies

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