Are You Looking to Stock Your Professional Kitchen?

When you’re first setting up your  professional kitchen for baking, you’ll want professional bakery supplies for the best results. Most bakers like to keep the following ingredients on hand in the pantry to bake whenever inspiration hits. If space is limited, it can be difficult to choose which ingredients are the most important. Here’s a general list that should get you started.

All-Purpose Flour

AP flour is usually a blend of hard wheat and soft wheat, which balances out the gluten in the flour. You can use AP flour for anything from cookies to waffles to muffins. You have the option of choosing a non-GMO or organic flour for added health benefits. Shop for wholesale baking supplies from Organics That Deliver to get the highest quality products.

When you’re ready to take your baking to the next level, depending on the kind of baking you will be doing, you’ll want to invest specialty flours, such as cake flour, pastry flour or bread flour.

You’ll want to store your flour in air tight and moisture proof containers for food safety and longer shelf life.


Granulated white sugar is the all-purpose version of a sweetener. Some recipes may call for powdered sugar, aka confectioners’ sugar. Brown sugar is white sugar that has molasses added for a richer flavor. Natural sugars and sweeteners include honey, maple syrup, agave syrup and date sugar. Baker distributing companies will have a wide selection of sweetening agents for your recipes.

Leavening Agents

This is where science really comes into baking. Leavening agents make the dough or batter rise during the chemical reaction. Baking soda requires acid, such as cocoa, buttermilk or vinegar, and heat to make it work. You’ll use it in pancakes, cornbread and cookies. Baking powder is also used in cookies and baked goods. When you add it to your batter, it might form bubbles. But it will activate again with heat. Typically, if the batter doesn’t have acid, you can use baking soda without any other leavener. Keep in mind that baking soda and baking powder are not interchangeable. Yeast is the leavening agent that makes bread dough rise.


Salt gets a bad rap, but when used in appropriate levels, it really adds a boost of flavor to sweet and savory baked goods. Each baker has different salts they prefer and like to use in recipes. Try a few out until you find your favorites!

Oil, Shortening and Butters

Most baked goods require some form of oil or butter. Pie crusts are generally made with shortening, to get flaky layers. Cookies are often made with butter for the rich flavor. Cakes and muffins might use vegetable oil.

Are You Ready to Purchase Professional Bakery Supplies for Your Kitchen?

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