The Best Wholesale Baking Supplies Are Just One Piece of the Puzzle

When you own or run a bakery, applying food safety basics to your routine is critical. No matter how delicious your products are, you won’t be able to share them with others if your bakery commits health and sanitation violations. To protect the health of your customers, as well as your business and reputation, you must ensure that all workers know and follow proper food handling and sanitation practices. As you shop for wholesale baking supplies and plan your daily business strategies, be sure to keep the following practices in mind.

It All Starts with Hygiene

In order to maintain optimal health and sanitation conditions, the place to begin is with the hygiene of your workers. Be sure that all staff members wash their hands frequently. Anytime they are producing and handling your food products, they should be wearing gloves and hairnets supplied by your business. Items such as false eyelashes, artificial fingernails, and loose or dangling jewelry should not be worn in the kitchen or near the food.

Storing Food Properly

You should always implement a first in, first out (FIFO) policy when storing and using ingredients and prepared foods. You can achieve this by labeling items with the dates clearly displayed on the labels. This means that the oldest usable ingredients and foods will be used first instead of needing to be eliminated. Additionally, FIFO is the most cost-effective method for making the most of your inventory. Conduct regular inspections, so anything that is out of date can be disposed of immediately.

Labeling Allergens

Another crucial detail is making sure that potential allergens are identified and labeled. Always stay updated on the allergens that must be listed on labels, and then act accordingly. In the U.S., this includes ingredients such as eggs, milk, tree nuts, sesame, peanuts, crustacean shellfish, fish, soybean, and wheat, but it is your responsibility to check routinely for updates to the list.

Sanitary Surfaces and Equipment Maintenance

The surfaces and equipment in your bakery should be maintained to keep your workers and customers safe. Reusing utensils for multiple tasks without washing them first is never okay. By cleaning and sanitizing utensils, surfaces, and equipment after every use, you can greatly reduce the risks of cross-contamination and pest infestation.

You need to use equipment that is regulated and designed for your industry and location. Once you have acquired the proper equipment, you must inspect it and maintain it well to avoid contamination. Regular maintenance also aids in ensuring the safety of your employees. Furthermore, it helps keep costs down by increasing the longevity of your appliances and machinery.

Reputable Suppliers

Another way to keep your products and customers safe is to use reliable, reputable suppliers. When you search for San Jose professional bakery supplies, you should check that your sources adhere to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI).

The Best Wholesale Baking Supplies Available

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