Looking for Organic Bread Flour in Bulk for Your Business?

In 2016, Pew Research reported that over 50% of Americans were buying organic foods for health reasons. Six years later, we can assume that the number has increased, as consumers are more aware of the dangers of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Going organic by making breads and pastries with organic bread flour can increase your customer base. Here’s what to know about using organic flour.

What Makes a Product Organic?

Before you can understand the pros and cons of buying organic flour, it’s important to understand the difference between organic and non-organic flour. Organic crops are grown without synthetic chemicals, such as pesticides or herbicides. Organic farms do not use GMO products nor do they use synthetic antibiotics or growth hormones. Organic farming concerns itself with healthy soil, pollinator habitats and biodiversity. Producers making an organic claim must follow strict guidelines about production, handling, and labeling, as outlined by the USDA. When buying organic flour in bulk, look for a certified agent.

What Are The Advantages of Organic Ingredients?

Many studies show that organic ingredients are high in antioxidants and nutrients. Certified organic farmers avoid the use of chemicals while growing food, which keeps those chemicals off of customer’s plates. Organic farming is better for the planet. It mitigates the effects of climate change and preserves the environment. Organic foods almost always taste better.

What Are the Cons For Using Organic Ingredients?

Even though using organic ingredients has many benefits, there are some things to be aware of when using organic produce. It may spoil faster than non-organic food. Organic bread flour may need to be refrigerated for best quality. Organic food also gets a bad name because it can be more expensive. When buying professional bakery supplies, you may find that buying in bulk gives you savings that make organic flour much more affordable.

Certified Organic Flour in Bulk Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Organic ingredients can set your business apart from competitors. The true value of providing organic food may reach much farther than you realize when you explain to your customers why organic ingredients are important to their health and to the environment. Contact BayCo today to source all the organic and conventional ingredients your business needs to thrive.

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