Should You Opt for Organic Baking Supplies? Let’s Break It Down

Organic foods are more popular than ever before as people are choosing to “eat cleaner” and “healthier.” The real question is whether organic foods are really healthier than non-organic foods. Organic produce can cost 50% or more over its non-organic counterparts. Is that premium valuable in today’s market? Is it worth buying organic baking supplies? Here are few things to keep in mind.

What Does Organic Mean?

Organic refers to the way an agriculture product is farmed, grown, or processed. Organic farming does not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in the soil. Antibiotics are not used on farm animals or livestock. Genetic technology is not used to increase crop yield or improve crop harvests. Organic farmers try to enable the farm animal’s natural behaviors and cut pollution while improving soil quality.

Does The USDA Organic Seal Mean Anything?

Food labels come with many different terms. Natural is a label that usually means the product is free of artificial colors or flavors. Natural does not refer to how the materials were produced. Organic food labels have strict standards. Food that is labelled organic is done so under the USDA certification program. If a food has the USDA Organic seal, it’s gone through a certification process that means it is at least 95% organic.

Is Organic Food Safer or More Nutritious?

Organic foods are produced with less pesticides and antibiotics than conventional foods. Many pesticides and antibiotics have been associated with negative health issues. Nutritionally, the jury is still out. Organic foods may have more of certain vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and some nutrients, but there is little research that demonstrates potential health benefits. However, organic grains do have lower levels of cadmium than grains grown in conventional methods. Cadmium is a toxic metal naturally found in soil that plants can absorb. Cadmium can cause cancer.

Should You Purchase Organic Professional Baking Supplies?

Customers want organic foods, so bakery products baked with organic ingredients can increase demand. BayCo stocks a wide variety of both USDA Organic and non-organic supplies. Let us help you procure the baking supplies that meet your needs and fit into your company’s mission. Don’t Google “bakery supplies near me” when the answer is right here. BayCo is your bakery supplier.

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