Wholesale Baking Supplies Subject to New NOP Rules

Consumer demand for organic products is on the rise. To support the organic sector, the USDA issued new rules to its National Organic Program (NOP) to reduce the problems associated with conventional products being sold as organic. This means you can depend on Bay Area professional bakery supplies that are labelled as certified organic.

Biggest Update in Over 20 Years

The USDA’s recent updates to the NOP strengthens the program with the biggest update to the rules since inception of the act in 1990. The rules will change the number of uncertified entities who have operated without USDA oversight. Imported organic products that enter the US will have more oversight and traceability, to protect product integrity. The wholesale baking supplies you purchase will have NOP certificates so you know you’re buying fully certified USDA organic supplies.

NOP’s Authority Clarified

The USDA also gave NOP more authority over certification and the agents who certify organic products. Certifying agents will have to update NOP when they open a new office. The NOP wants to be more consistent with their oversight of certifying agents to be able to trace products better and to make sure each organic product is clearly labeled to reduce mishandling of products. The USDA hopes that the new regulations prevent organic fraud and mislabeling so that consumers can feel better about the food they select.

Suppliers Have Until March 2024 To Comply

Under the new guidelines, certifying agents will be required to conduct inspections of suppliers to assure organic products are handled correctly. Certifications will be required to be submitted to the USDA’s database for integrity purposes. Although the new rules went into effect in January, suppliers and certified agents have over a year to integrate the new rules into their procedures.

According to one study, food fraud has been on the rise since 2013. As the demand for organic products increase, so does the opportunity to mislabel products for increased profits. Work with a bakery ingredient supplier that understands organic supplies and has the certification to provide your business with the right products for your brand. Don’t assume that a supplier is supplying organic food products without seeing the USDA NOP certification. There are many good organic suppliers who have local and imported food products that are certified organic for your business.

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