Commercial Bakery Supplies – Tools of the Trade

Professional chefs and bakers need to be able to make food that looks as good as good as it tastes. Here are some of our favorite professional tools that make baking easier at a commercial level. These commercial bakery supplies are essential to getting the most out of your recipes.

A Kitchen Scale

Professional bakers rely on formulas to create breads and pastries. It’s not only easier to weigh out ingredients, it is much more precise. Once recipes are mixed up, a kitchen scale is vital to portioning and getting even layers of cakes. A kitchen scale can help keep your pies the same size, making it easier to watch affordability. Always measure out commercial bakery supplies wholesale for the most cost-effective recipes.

An Instant Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer isn’t just for meats or candy. Use your thermometer to test when cakes or bread is done to ensure a proper bake. If you make jams, a thermometer helps you get the right consistency the first time. When you’re frying donuts, you absolutely need to check the temperature of the oil for the best frying.

A Bench Scraper

If you work with dough, a bench scraper is a must-have, because it simply gives you more leverage when dealing with heavy doughs. It can be used to portion or cut doughs. A bench scraper can also pick up ingredients on the cutting board for transport to another bowl. Some bakers even use their bench scraper to cut brownies or lasagna. You can use the wide blade to smooth cake frosting or to even scrape off stuck-on burnt stuff on pans when cleaning. It’s a versatile tool that won’t get shoved to the back of the drawer.


A ruler is a big help in the kitchen, especially if you work with cakes. A rigid ruler can help you trace straight lines when you’re making pastries. You may also need to measure pans or mark parchment paper. A flexible, rubber ruler can help you measure cakes to find the center or to mark spaces between decorations. You’ll get a better yield when using a ruler on laminated dough.

Commercial Bakery Supplies Wholesale

Looking for professional bakery supplies? BayCo has a wide range of commercial bakery ingredients that will make your finished products taste great.


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